Some nice Reviews from Germany: “A great opening to a very promising science fic…

Some nice Reviews from Germany:
“A great opening to a very promising science fiction series with not too much text and richly-coloured illustrations- a great book for (but not exclusively) young computer game fans…”
– Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung

“This is a truly gripping adventure story with sensational illustrations included. The Countdown, with it’s running pictures running across pages before ending with a surprise at the door. Suitable for everyone, this is the kind of book to take with you on the train and then feverishly wait for the next book.” – Grafschachter Nachrichten

“Pasi Pitkänen’s graphic novel-style illustrations are mostly rendered in a dark palette and at times run across several pages. They are an ingenious addition to the exciting stories with their numerous references to the world of comics and sci-fi.” – BN Bibliotheksnachrichten

“Short, exciting and comic-like make for easy entry to the dystopian plot that is genre-rich and moodily illustrated, but also entertaining and relevant to the target group’s themes.” – Leipziger Lesekompass

“Kepler 62” is more than a book – an extraordinary science fiction series that captivates readers with all mediums of art.” – Heilbronner Stimme

“Exciting, fantasy-filled and aesthetically-pleasing – an all-round recommendation!” – Eva Maus, blog

“…an extraordinary children’s book, which I initially would never have thought the daughter would be so captivated by. In the best science fiction tradition, underlined by fascinating illustrations, everything revolves around a mysterious computer game and an extraordinary space mission.” – Mama im Ländle blog

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