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7 months ago
Timo Parvela

Nyt se on valmis!📚 Today Timo Parvela’s and illustrator Pasi Pitkänen’s thriller-like adventure series is complete with SHADOWS 3. KRAMPUS (𝘝𝘢𝘳𝘫𝘰𝘵 3. 𝘒𝘳𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘶𝘴, Tammi 2022) being published in Finland. The Shadows trilogy has been incredibly well received all over the world and its rights have already been sold to several countries.

🌑 In the series’ finale Pete and Sara return from Auroria to the human world and find a distorted reality. People have lost their shadows and the world has become the kind of place where people only care for themselves. Krampus stirs anger around him, but the friends don’t give up hope, as old Santa Claus has left it to them to find him a successor. They must save not only their own world but also the kingdom of Auroria. But what form has Krampus taken in the human world and how can the lord of the shadows be defeated?

Timo Parvela
Illustrator Pasi Pitkänen

#bonnierrightsfinland #timoparvela #pasipitkänen #shadowsseries #krampus
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Nyt se on valmis!
9 months ago
Timo Parvela

Tämäpä oli mukavasti sanottu! ... Näytä enemmänNäytä vähemmän

Tämäpä oli mukavasti sanottu!Image attachment
12 months ago
Timo Parvela

Uutukainen Ranskasta. Tässäpä oiva kesäkirja.[NOUVEAUTE]

Rendez-vous en librairie pour découvrir le dernier roman La machine magique de la collection Moi et ma super bande !

L’école n’a plus d’argent pour payer les fournitures scolaires et encore moins pour organiser la fête de Noël ! Le maitre se met à vendre les bulletins de ses élèves pour trouver des sous, pendant qu’Ella et sa bande fabriquent un sampo, une machine magique de l’ancien temps. Qui, du maitre ou des élèves, réussira à sauver l’école ? Un roman humoristique illustré , facile à lire seul pour les enfants dès 7 ans. Une histoire rythmée et passionnante qui donne vraiment envie de lire.

📚 Editions Nathan – Premiers romans – Moi et ma super bande –La machine magique – Timo Parvela – Illustré par Zelda Zonk - Dès 7 ans
#editionsnathan #aimerlireavecnathan #lecture #livrepourenfants #litteraturedejeunesse #book #booksaddict #moietmasuperbande#premiersromans
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Uutukainen Ranskasta. Tässäpä oiva kesäkirja.
2 years ago
Timo Parvela

Örö. Season’s last boat trip. ... Näytä enemmänNäytä vähemmän

Örö. Season’s last boat trip.
2 years ago
Timo Parvela

Vaikka itse emme pääse matkustamaan, kirjamme kiertävät silti maailmaa.#Kepler62
Dużo się dzieje dookoła, a przed nami wielki finał historii‼️
😍😍😍 Premiera 15 lutego:)
Międzynarodowy bestseller. Wielkie emocje. Ważne tematy.
Joni zniknął. Dodatkowa kapsuła podróżna została otwarta. Tajemniczy pasażer okazuje się o wiele groźniejszy, niż ktokolwiek przypuszczał. Ma tajną broń i nie zawaha się jej użyć wobec każdego, kto mu się sprzeciwi.

Marie, Ari i Joni muszą walczyć z całych sił, by ratować nie tylko siebie samych, ale także fantastyczną i dziką planetę Kepler-62e. Ale co może zrobić garstka dzieci wobec takiej potęgi? Pozostaje im tylko mieć nadzieję…

Zajrzyj do książki: www.wydawnictwo-widnokrag.pl/ksiazki/kepler62-czesc-szosta-tajemnica/
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Vaikka itse emme pääse matkustamaan, kirjamme kiertävät silti maailmaa.
3 years ago
Timo Parvela

Some nice Reviews from Germany:
"A great opening to a very promising science fiction series with not too much text and richly-coloured illustrations- a great book for (but not exclusively) young computer game fans..."
- Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung

“This is a truly gripping adventure story with sensational illustrations included. The Countdown, with it’s running pictures running across pages before ending with a surprise at the door. Suitable for everyone, this is the kind of book to take with you on the train and then feverishly wait for the next book.” – Grafschachter Nachrichten

“Pasi Pitkänen’s graphic novel-style illustrations are mostly rendered in a dark palette and at times run across several pages. They are an ingenious addition to the exciting stories with their numerous references to the world of comics and sci-fi.” – BN Bibliotheksnachrichten

“Short, exciting and comic-like make for easy entry to the dystopian plot that is genre-rich and moodily illustrated, but also entertaining and relevant to the target group’s themes.” – Leipziger Lesekompass

“Kepler 62” is more than a book - an extraordinary science fiction series that captivates readers with all mediums of art.” – Heilbronner Stimme

“Exciting, fantasy-filled and aesthetically-pleasing – an all-round recommendation!” – Eva Maus, boysandbooks.de blog

“…an extraordinary children's book, which I initially would never have thought the daughter would be so captivated by. In the best science fiction tradition, underlined by fascinating illustrations, everything revolves around a mysterious computer game and an extraordinary space mission.” – Mama im Ländle blog
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3 years ago
Timo Parvela

Gaia on lähtövalmis! ... Näytä enemmänNäytä vähemmän

Gaia on lähtövalmis!

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Tuleeko sarjalle jatkoa? Täällä jo kovasti odotellaan seuraavaa osaa.

Suvi Monni onko tämä peli vai kirja? Voisin hankkia sen Rorille.

Kommt das jetzt wirklich noch? Wir würden ausflippen!

3 years ago
Timo Parvela

Galactic Edition! How cool is that?! ... Näytä enemmänNäytä vähemmän

Galactic Edition! How cool is that?!Image attachmentImage attachment+1Image attachment
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