Sammon vartijat

I once asked my son, Lauri, what kind of a book he would like to read.

“A book with lots of battles in it”, he answered.

Sammon Vartijat  – fantasy trilogy is based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The same one J.R.R Tolkien found some of his ideas from when he wrote the Lord Of The Rings. In order to read Sammon Vartijat you do not need to know anything about Kalevala. Desire for adventures is enough.

A group of young people find out that they are the descendants of the guardians of Sampo, a mystical treasure. Their mission is to keep the legacy safe as Sampo is where all wealth and fortune in the world is from. It soon turns out that Louhi, the cruel mistress of the North, has been secrectly rebuilding Sampo and the consequences due to that could drive the whole world into chaos. The guardians of the Sampo must take action.

Tuliterä, Tammi 2007

Tuliterä, Tammi 2007

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