My name is Ella, I’m in first grade. We have a nice class and a nice teacher.. Or had because our teacher has been a bit nervous lately…

Today, Ella is in grade two and a half and she has been on an adventure in the books since 1995. Ella and the friends – series is about school and everything in the world from Ella’s perspective. The humour in the books works on both children and adults despite of their nationality.

Humour is like a language that readers understand no matter what age they are. The special feature of the books is that they unite children and parents, students and teachers.

The books have been translated into ten different languages. An Ella – book has been the children’s book of the year both in Norway and Russia. In Germany, Ella-books have sold approximately 500 000 copies.

In 2014 the Ella-series are renewing. The texts will be even easier to read and the books will be illustrated with Mervi Lindman’s amazing and absolutely hilarious pictures.

You know what they say; “a book is a good friend” and in Ella-books there are plenty of them!


  • Ella ja kiristäjä, Tammi 1995
  • Ella teatterissa, Tammi 1996
  • Ella luokkaretkellä, Tammi 1997
  • Ella ja lopettaja, Tammi 1998
  • Ella ja Pate, Tammi 1999
  • Ella ja Pukari, Tammi 2000
  • Ella yökoulussa, Tammi 2001
  • Ella Lapissa, Tammi 2003
  • Ella ja Paterock, Tammi 2004
  • Ella ja kaverit 1-3, Tammi 2005
  • Ella ja kaverit 1-3 äänikirja, Tammi 2005
  • Ella aalloilla, Tammi 2005
  • Ella ja Kaverit 4-7, Tammi 2006
  • Ella ja Kaverit 4-7 äänikirja, Tammi 2006
  • Ella. Varokaa lapsia!  Tammi 2006
  • Ella ja seitsemän törppöä, Tammi 2007
  • Ella ja Äf Yksi, Tammi 2008
  • Ella Lapissa äänikirja 2008
  • Ella ja Äf yksi äänikirja 2008
  • Ellaj ja Jättipotti äänikirja 2009
  • Ella ja Jättipotti, Tammi 2009
  • Ella ja yön ritarit, Tammi 2010
  • Ella ja kaverit juhlatuulella, Tammi 2010
  • Ella ja Sampan urotyöt, Tammi, 2011
  • Ella ja kaverit menevät metsään, Tammi, 2013
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